Dave’s 2nd Album 118% Crowdfunded. All info and videos here!

Crowdfunder for Dave Brons’ 2nd album is finished! Find out more at this link. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dave-brons-2nd-album-not-all-who-wander-are-lost/x/3280987#/ We managed to fund the album for £9500  ($12500)!!!!   THANK YOU     Here are a load of videos linked to this album launch.  Grab a coffee and get a flavour of all the work that has gone into this… Read more »

EP15 A time to Rest, A time to Rage

BronsCast Ep15 A time to Rest, A time to Rage! In this episode I talk about; burnout, creative seasons, procrastination, confronting fear and other issues in the journey to making my 2nd album. A note for your diaries, the crowdfunder/album preorder launches on Sept 28, 2018  

Ep 14 Resistance is Art – Part 2

“You don’t know what you’ve got, till its gone”… Joni Mitchell. This BronsCast discusses Gratitude and Resistance and the importance of creativity in what it means to feel alive and be human. This Episode references a podcast by RadioLab which you can listen to here https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/unraveling-bolero Don’t forget you and your friends can Get 3… Read more »

Ep 13 Resistance is Art –

In this podcast I talk about a random old woman I met on a run through the countryside and how she inspired my thoughts about the importance of the mindset of  “Resistance” is in putting out art, music, undertaking a new journey. If you enjoyed the podcast, ‘Join the Resistance’ at my website http://eepurl.com/Af_Nz You can… Read more »

Ep 12 The Psychology of Creativity with Dr Roger Bretherton

Dr Bretherton  is doing research at the cutting edge of a new brand field called Positive Psychology.  For this podcast Dave Brons wanted to find out how creativity can be enhanced by better understanding how our mind works.   We mainly focused on the 3 stages of creativity and the 3 stages of creative careers.

Ep 11 Maximise Creative Energy

Dave Brons talks about Internet Trolls, Creative Energy, Strategies for Maximising Efficiency, Planning, Social Media, and Minimalism all on the route to finding your thing and releasing it to the world.

Ep 10 Is perfection handmade by robots?

Dave Brons talks about how perfectionism can be crippling, leading to fear and procrastination. He talks about the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi, and discusses strategies that have helped him overcome his fear of releasing his Live Bootleg DVD/download. The video of this podcast is on Dave’s Youtube channel and website. Also Check out his blog http://davebrons.com/perfectionism-is-a-social-disease/  

Ep 09 Lee Wrathe on the new music industry

I believe its easier than ever before to make a living from the things you create: Music, Art, Videos, books etc. In this episode I talk to Lee Wrathe, a guitar player who makes a living from doing Youtube Guitar Gear demonstrations.  We talk about his journey to making a living from playing guitar and… Read more »

Ep 08 Composing from the Void Pt1

This episode looks at 3 techniques to break out of writers block: 1, Melodic Shapes    2,Physical shapes    3, Form Shapes. The songs referenced are Voyager, Star from Based on a true Story by Dave Brons. Nimrod by Elgar, Sonata no 8 (pathetique) by Beethoven, and So What from Kinda Blue by Miles Davis…. Read more »

Ep 07 Sam Bell: Being a musician in a world of guitarists

BronsCast Ep 07: Sam Bell: Being a musician in a world of guitarists In this episode Dave Brons talks to Sam Bell, a pioneer of the 8 String Guitar ‘Tech Metal’ Scene.  They discuss the new Mask of Judas song “Explorers” and Sam’s “Jacket Rock”, EP.  Also referenced is Chopin’s Ballade number 1 in G… Read more »

Ep 06 Dave Bainbridge on Composition

Dave Bainbridge is a Keyboard and Guitar Virtuoso and founded IONA, a Celtic Progressive super group. In this episode of the BronsCast he shares powerful tips and tricks to use variations to expand your compositions, and explains his approach to tension and release and his intervalic approach to melody construction and improvisation. If you enjoy… Read more »

Ep 05 The Power of 3

BronsCast Ep 05: The Power of 3: Inspired by a meeting with his childhood hero, Steve Vai on his 2016 world tour, Dave talks about 3 key types of relationship to unlock your creativity.  To see the video version of this podcast, head over to Dave Brons’ Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/W_jvkGdWETA You can also subscribe on iTunes.

Ep 04 Create Space

This episode was filmed on a hill next to a lake while on a family holiday. Dave gives practical tips on creating space for being creative and how getting out in the countryside can inspire creativity. Songs on this episode are Desert Rose and Miracle Maker from Dave Brons’ album, ‘Based on a true story’…. Read more »

Ep 03 How do I know if its any good?

BronsCast Ep 03 :How do I know if it is any good? This is a question that creative people pose themselves every time they set out to make something.  How do we know what is inspired and what is just ordinary? In this episode of the BronsCast, Dave examines how this question has impacted his… Read more »

Ep 02 Don’t imitate, Steal!

BronsCast Ep2 Don’t imitate, Steal! Subscribe on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-bronscast/id1109332413?mt=2 In this episode Dave Brons looks at another obstacle to composers. The “cult of originality” is rife in the guitar community: as soon as you write a piece of music you face the accusation of “that sounds like such and such guitar player”, or that your music… Read more »

Ep 01 The Struggle

Bronscast Episode 1: The Struggle   Hi, my name is Dave Brons,  I compose instrumental music that has been described as Star Wars crossed with (guitar virtuoso) Van Halen.  Maybe you are a creative person, maybe you are a musician. Perhaps you have tried to write music and given up, maybe you have some creative ideas and… Read more »

12 Albums that changed my life.

Are you like me,  where you have some albums that you come back to over and over again? The irony of me writing guitar driven orchestral/ instrumental music is that hardly any of the albums that influenced me are guitar instrumental albums.  In fact a lot of them aren’t even rock albums.  I like albums… Read more »


Its the end of January. I bet most of those resolutions have fallen apart already. I know, I know: You were going to get more exercise, eat healthier, do more practise on your instrument…  Don’t be to hard on yourself, this happens to everyone, including me. Last week somebody was asking how I’ve managed to… Read more »

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Bad luck is the opportunity you are looking for… As a musician you need a HUGE capacity for disappointment and failure. Since I went full time into music in 2013, I have often faced obstacles and felt that they were insurmountable.  What is interesting to me is the amount of people that I meet that… Read more »

Celestial Fire Tour Blog 2015

  Curious to know what it’s like behind the scenes on tour? Are you a musician about to go on tour for the first time? This blog is for you! When you come to a gig, what you see is that brief glimpse where we are all playing the music. You won’t know that maybe… Read more »