4seasons pickups dave brons

I did a Demo for 4 Season pickups and I was very impressed. Bob agreed to make me a custom set of pickups. I sent him a message like this “I want the open woody sound of a p90 but with no hum in a humbucker shape”. He asked me what my guitar was made out of and custom made me some pickups. They sound fantastic. Like most of the equipment I use being able to have a custom built thing that is EXACTLY what I want is more important to me than how famous or influential the company is.
Here is Bob’s pickup in action on a song I wrote called Kai Rohan

Bob is an incredibly knowledgable guy who will taylor make you a pickup that is designed to work with the wood of your guitar, your amp and your playing style. Money well spent IMO.

Here is a demo I did for 4 Seasons