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Jaden Rose Guitars

Jaden was the first guy to contact me to ask me if I wanted an artist endorsement. I had just started releasing singles to test the waters and see if there was any interest in the music I was writing.  To have a guitar maker contact me and ask if I wanted a signature guitar making is something I’d daydreamed about since seeing Steve Vai’s Jem guitars on guitar magazines, when I was a kid. 

Taking a guitar I loved and improving it

Inspired by one of my other musical heroes, Eddie Van Halen, and his “frankenstrat”.  I had been modifying and customising (read, destroying!) guitars for years in the search for a guitar that really worked for me.  I had just put a guitar together from custom parts that I was finally happy with. My super strat with f-holes, had (pretty much by accident) become a guitar that people remembered me by.  I didn’t really think that the guitar I had assembled could be bettered and with that in mind I drove 5 hours to Jaden’s workshop in the Welsh woods.  

Demoing for Jaden Rose at the British Guitar Show

Demoing for Jaden Rose at the British Guitar Show

Customer Service? Friendship!

As soon as I met Jaden we instantly became great friends. He is a great guy. Jaden combines the perfectionism of an engineer with the eye of an artist. Unlike a lot of guitar builders, Jaden can really play too, so he understands what modern rock players are looking for in a guitar.  As you can see in this video, we always have such a good time when we hang out in his workshop! 

A guitar is born

I realised very quickly that Jaden could make me a unique guitar that took everything I loved about my guitar and improved on it with some really original and innovative touches. We sat down, took the features I liked about my guitar along with some of the lessons that I had learnt from touring and came up with a design. 

Jaden has really gone far beyond the call of duty to make this guitar exactly what I want. If like me, you want a guitar that makes you stand out from a crowd of guitarists playing stuff of the shelf… Jaden Rose is your guy.

Some footage of me playing in Jaden’s workshop.