TC Electronic G System
The TC Electronic G System has been the backbone of my setup for years.  I had it stolen and did not hesitate to replace it.  It has become my swiss-army knife of my whole rig.  Here is a video of my using the harmoniser to replicate the layered guitars from my song “Voyagers Return” from my album “Based on a True Story”

Here is the full track.  Live, I use the G System to play all the multiple guitar parts you can hear in the song. Pretty cool!


I don’t have an artist deal with TC, but their stuff is top notch so I’m happy to recommend it. It doesn’t just do harmonies, it does so much more.  I can use it to control several amps, multiple fx units, Midi units and more.  If I need a small fly rig, it’s perfect with a few pedals. If I’m in a bigger venue and I want to go with an OTT huge stereo rig with a dry amp in the centre…it does that too!

The built in FX are amazing, but I use it for more than the FX. It remote switches the relays on my amp. Sets the tempo and patch changes via MIDI for my Strymon Timeline pedal, and when I do solo gigs, Cubase changes the patches automatically in Sync with the backing tracks saving me having to do a tap dance.

Way to to go TC!