Dave Brons Two Notes Reload

Two Notes Reload at the top, Torpedo Live at the bottom


Two Notes seem to have made a habit of making market leading gear that nobody else has thought of. Gear that makes life easy for musicians like me, saving me time and money. I use the Torpedo Live Loadbox and also the Torpedo Reload re-amping box.

Towards the end of 2013 I quit my job and took the leap to go full time into music.  I have a small “home studio” which is essentially my garage with some carpet on the floor!  I had two problems, I needed to write and record the guitar parts without the time pressure of the clock and without provoking the neighbours, I also did not have the budget to go into a proper recording studio.

Two Notes Reload, Load Box and Reamping Box.

The Two Notes Reload provided the answer.  I could record the solos through my beloved home made valve amps at a sensible volume. Record the Direct signal, edit the best take… or maybe record the first part of the solo, come back to the second half later.  The true magic was being able to turn up my tube amp set and capture the best tone at high volume, without even having my guitar plugged in!  The neighbours were also grateful because I could record all the guitar parts on the album at full volume in just one afternoon!

I wrote a song called “Father”.  Check out the lead guitar tone at around 1:37 onwards! I think it has a real vocal quality to it.  Having the Torpedo Reload meant that I was able to hear myself playing the solo and moving the mics around and tweak the amp controls to get the best sound possible… all in real time.

Two Notes Torpedo Live

As an emerging artist, I don’t have roadies or a dedicated sound engineer.  I have to play everything from large stages, to house concerts and everything in between.  I never know what kind of room, or PA  we are going to have.  I need to know that I can turn up, set up and pack down quickly and have the same great guitar tone night after night, no matter where I play.

The Two Notes Torpedo Live lets me do this.  It takes the stress out of live performance for me.  It is a mic and cabinet simulator. This means I can send my sound with effects direct to the pa desk.  No need for them to mic the cabinet.  In fact, for smaller gigs, like house gigs and masterclasses, I don’t even take a cabinet!

If you love the tone of your valve amp  and you want to know you’ll sound great from your bedroom to the stage… this is money well spent.
Here is a video I did explaining how I combined the Torpedo Live with their software the WOS III to record my album: