Congratulations on your splendid album – really superb guitar playing from yourself, and great contributions from a great cast.
Very well done

Troy Donockley , NightWish

Honest review about the track Drivin’ Rain.
‘Oh I like this one, its sounds like an ice cream van in a storm.’ – Elin C, age 4.

Elin C, UK age 4

I listened to your album and slammed it straight onto the workshop shuffle pod.. after a few listens my first opinion was right. I reckon that’s the best guitar album/composition I have heard in over 15 years..   Jaden Rose

Jaden Rose UK

Amazing new progressive rock release from Dave Brons.  I’ve had this since it’s release and it’s been in constant rotation. Just killer compositionally and his playing is extraordinary! Check it out!! BUY a copy. SUPPORT creative expression!!

Scott Jones, USA (fusion virtuoso)

First off, I just want to say I’m a huge fan of MANY guitar players and instrumental music in general and have a HUGE collection going way back to the shrapnel and MVP days up until now. I was blown away by your record, congrats on a beautiful piece of music, not just guitar playing(but, you’re great at that too)but music/songs. I am always looking for new musicians/music/bands to treat the ears and your record is quite a treat. 

Mike Agnello USA

Your album is a bit different to most I’ve heard recently… the music is extremely well produced and arranged, the compositions are way above simple rock-guitar instrumentals and the playing is excellent.
That’s not to say you can’t shred Dave! Some very tasty lines on there indeed and to be honest, you have something more valuable – personality/taste/feel – call it what you will but dynamics, phrasing and note choice will always win out….Top drawer album, really impressed!

Dave TUK

I love Voyager for sure, as well as the craziness in Hammer and Nail.On the whole I love its vibe, melodicism and EPICNESS.

Mark McGScotland

…it truly deserves to be heard by all.

Great CD from start to finish. I would have to say the song the moved me the most is Miracle Maker. It was of those tunes that you want to go on forever!

Chaos Guitar MachineUSA

I’m here only to tell you that your music is pure magic. Feeling, love, technique, in your way of playing and in your compositions. Your songs are nice and full of nice melodies. Next September I’m going to play your music in my radio program.

Samuelle SItaly

Dave Brons sort un album magnifique, mélodique,inspiré, superbe. Très belle découverte . Thanks Dave

Stef B France