What would you get if you crossed Steve Vai, with the film, Lord of the Rings?

Dave Brons is a British Instrumental Rock Guitarist with a CELTIC SYMPHONIC twist

“Dave Brons is that rare guitarist: Technically brilliant but melodic and soulful.

He has a truly unique direction to his playing: He secretly wishes he played the ‘Celtic instruments’ and , as a result, takes his frustration out on the fretboard to dazzling and splendid effect!

Troy Donockley (Nightwish)

“Dave Brons is an imaginative player with a great groove. I loved hearing his unique take on my music when we played together and look forward to hearing a lot more music from him”

Stu Hamm (Bassist for Steve Vai, Joe Satriani)

Music that will move you

In 2015 Dave took his album on a European Tour with Paul Bielatowicz (Carl Palmer Band) and Dave Bainbridge (IONA). Only two years earlier, Brons decided to quit his regular job and set out to create music that would marry the expressive potential of rock guitar with the epic sound of orchestral film music:

“I felt like something was missing in lot of the music that guitarists were putting out. To the average music listener, most instrumental guitar music sounds like morse code over a backing track, a mere showcase for the guitar players technical ability”.

Brons states, “I want the epic orchestral soundscapes and lyrical guitar melodies in my music to move the listener emotionally and transport them to the movie in their minds eye!”.

The album, Based on a True Story , has proved to be popular with musicians and non musician alike.  Brons states that he always wrote with a view to the album becoming a soundtrack to peoples lives:

“The album has uplifting songs like ‘Kai Rohan’ and ‘Star’,  dark brooding cinematic tracks like ‘Drivin Rain’ right through to heart wrenching songs like, ‘Father’. The entire thread of the album is designed to tell a story that will connect with the listener emotionally”

 Accidental Trail Blazer!

With rampant music piracy and album sales at an all time low, a global recession in full swing and guitar music being a pretty small niche, Brons did not chose an easy time to kickstart a music career.

“I’m a middle aged family guy with a face for radio, but I had these songs in my head and the support of my family so I decided to jump in the deep end… It was a surprise to me to find that my journey resonated with a lot of other guys who wanted to do the same “

Brons quickly discovered that there was no guide book for how to build a music career as an instrumental guitarist in the 21st century, so he started recording his journey in his blog.  “Its been so great to have people come up to me after a gig and tell my that my blog inspired them to get into making music in a more meaningful way”

Star Rising

A top 16 finish for his composition “Star”  in Guitar Idol 2014 and a European Tour with GB3guitar.com in May 2015, provided the necessary encouragement. Dave built on this by crowdfunding his album to the tune of £6000 /$9000.  Brons states

” I was worried that the £6000 target was too high as I’d seen so many people fail on the crowdfunding route. Reaching the target not only gave me more confidence it also helped me build a fanbase and make a high quality album for them.”

“Based on a True Story” has been met with praise from musicians and non musicians alike, something that Brons was keen to achieve.  “It has been such a joy to play gigs to non guitarists and discover that they are really moved by the music and enjoy the virtuosic elements too.”

To see some of the amazing feedback people have sent Dave click here: 

What is next

“Every time someone shares my music with a friend, comes to a gig or buys my album, it helps support my family and allows me to continue to making music.”

Dave is writing his second album and in December 2016 is releasing an ‘Official Live Bootleg DVD’ of his live gigs.

To buy The Album or book Dave

To buy “Based on a True Story” head over to www.davebrons.com/merch. To book Dave for a gig or masterclass, contact him info@davebrons.com

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Warning! Listening to Dave’s album can be career limiting! 
I was 10mins late for a meeting with my boss because I sat in my parked car finishing my first listen through. Amazing music Dave. Thank you.
Garry DUK

“…Dave Brons brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the international instrumental guitar scene: his music exhibits great flair combining epic cinematic compositions with adventurous arrangements and a sense of the dramatic. His guitar playing displays all the requisite modern rock techniques, but his melodic taste, phrasing and sense of joyous fun separates him from the herd. Dave Brons is a genuine new talent: the UK has its latest Guitar hero!…”

Owen Edwards: Guitar Idol Founder, Alloutguitar.com editor and best selling guitarist author.

Dave Brons is an exceptional guitarist, with a particular ability to conjure a superb, spine tingling, lyrical tone from his guitar. His impressive technical facility never overshadows his innate melodic sensibility and musicality. ‘Star’ demonstrates Dave’s vision to integrate cinematic orchestral textures with soaring guitar leads, which combine to touch the heart.

Dave Bainbridge, (of celtic prog band Iona)

“Dave combines technique, feel, melody and carefully crafted compositions, making his music something that clearly stands out from the crowd.  His love and passion for his instrument clearly shines through his playing.”

Paul Bielatowicz (Carl Palmer, Neal Morse and Guitar Magazine columnist, www.PaulBielatowicz.com)


For more comments about Dave and his music head over to http://davebrons.com/testimonials/


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