7 Stages to successful practising (especially when its super hard music)

Hey before you get stuck into the blog, I have some exciting news:  We are on Tour Again   Feb- March 2018…. Links for discounted tickets at the end of the Blog….   Practising and memorising hours of complex music is a very daunting task.  You’ve heard “Practice makes perfect”… or even better: “Perfect practice, make… Read more »

Sink or Swim: To grow, you need to jump in the deep end.

Sharks and Spiders Speaking of swimming, did you know that the most common things we fear are usually statistically the least likely to happen? People are terrified of sharks but attacks are really rare: about 5 a year world wide. What about spiders? So many people are scared of spiders! Do a search for the… Read more »

GB3 European Tour Blog 2014

 “It’s all about the music” The lights go up, I can hear the piano kick in, my heart is racing. I’m at the renowned Borderij in Holland. I look around at the amazing venue and out of the corner of my eye I can see Dave Bainbridge smiling at me from over his stack of… Read more »

Starting up as a guitar teacher-10 ideas to get you going

If you have been thinking about boosting your income with guitar teaching but don’t know where to start, this blog is for you! Teaching guitar is great for me because it allows me to support composing and performing my own music. Its also very easy to upscale when you need a bit of extra cash… Read more »

Perfectionism is a social disease!

We live in a strange age: Social media seems to force us all to present a fake edited version of ourselves. We have become obsessed with the idea that unless something is “perfect” its no good. On one hand we shun fakery: “That singer always uses autotune”, “he’s just miming that guitar solo”, “he can’t… Read more »

What progress really looks like in the real world!

Have you ever started something new, full of enthusiasm only to find yourself a few weeks later thinking things like, “I’m not going anywhere”, or “no matter how much I do, its never enough” or maybe “I’m actually going backwards!”.  Well, I’ve experienced all those things and wanted to share a few thoughts that you… Read more »

“Pursuing a music career is a selfish pipedream”

It was 2012, and I could almost hear her saying the words in my head, as I battled through another soul crushing day at the office.  I was miserable, in fact I was more than miserable: I was desperate.  I knew the signs all to well.  After all, I’d been there before.  The truth is,… Read more »

The problem with being a bedroom guitarist!

“These days guitarists don’t do gigs anymore, they just sit at home playing over backing tracks, do a million takes, edit a perfect take together and present an image on Youtube of this amazing musician when in reality its all fake” I didn’t actually say this but its the kind of thing I hear all… Read more »

Recording Loud Guitars at Home Part 1: Cabinet Simulators

When you are recording heavy solos or riffs at home, often it is not an option to mic a cabinet up due to excessive noise.  This Guitarist Survival Guide examines Cabinet Simulators as they offer a great alternative to using a real cabinet with a microphone. In the past, cabinet simulations were very poor. They… Read more »

10 Survival Tools for Serious Guitarists

Welcome to the Guitarist Survival Guide! As the title suggests this blog is aimed more a guitar players who want to make a living from music but also has many relevant tools for people learning guitar or playing guitar as a hobby. After all, guitar playing might be a hobby right now, but you never… Read more »

5 steps to kickstarting your music career

Should I give up my day job and pursue my dream of being a full time musician? This is a question I asked have asked myself 100’s of times. We’ve felt this before right? I know what it is like to be stuck in a dead end job, feeling like your life is wasting away!… Read more »