Ep 02 Don’t imitate, Steal!

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BronsCast Ep2 Don’t imitate, Steal!

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In this episode Dave Brons looks at another obstacle to composers. The “cult of originality” is rife in the guitar community: as soon as you write a piece of music you face the accusation of “that sounds like such and such guitar player”, or that your music is “derivative”.  Sadly many musicians give up trying to compose altogether.

Dave explores how this isn’t a new idea,  composers from Mozart to the Beatles have faced the same accusations.   Dave also talks candidly about which of his melodies and chord sequences have been inspired by and in some cases “stolen” from some of his favourite musicians in the hope that his listeners will be encouraged to embrace their influences as part of their journey to finding their own voice as composers.

Bronscast by Dave Brons

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