Blue Guitar Amp 1

The above picture is from the Celestial Fire Tour. You can see the AMP1 sat on top of my gear rack.

I was looking for an Amp that I could take on the plane for gigs. It is designed by tone king and super blues guitarist Thomas Blug. So you know it is a serious bit of kit.
I tried the AMP1 thinking “there is no way something this small is going to sound like a real tube amp”.
As you you know, I build my own tube amps so I have fairly high standards! (Tube Snob!!!). I had made up my mind it would be terrible…and I was blown away. The Amp1 lives permanently in my guitar bag, so I know I have a great sounding amp that I can rely on in an emergency. Not just that, the direct out is fantastic so I use it for rehearsals, teaching (usually plugging direct into the PA or a keyboard amp) and for gigs where taking a full size rig is not practical.
It really does sound killer and I particularly like that I can remote switch it via MIDI or with my TC Electronic G System.

I use the Vintage channel on it, as it sounds very close to my DIY plexi amp. Happy days!

Here is a video where you can hear my playing the Amp1 and talking about my rig