Wampler Dave Brons


Humble Beginnings from a late starter!

My whole life I had wanted to be a full time musician.  I had lacked the confidence and self belief and it wasn’t till my mid 30’s that I finally plucked up the courage to jump in the deep end.  Brian Wampler’s story resonates with me, as he started his business out of his garage in his mid 30’s and without knowing if it was going to work, he set out on a mission to make a living from his passion.

A company with good vibes!

I first came across Brian Wampler on DIY guitar pedal forums when I was getting into modding and building my own pedals. He then went on to start Wampler pedals which has become one of the best known boutique guitar pedal makers in the world.

The honest, humble, down to earth, guy next door vibe that Brian has, runs right through everything the company does. Its refreshing and I love it.

Amps in a box

What Wampler does better than anybody else are “Amps in a box” pedals. This means that instead of carrying lots different amps you can just have a few little guitar pedals.

My first Wampler was the Eddie Van Halen styled “Pinnacle” pedal. I used it for the Lead on Star (See video below). Sadly it was stolen shortly after the music for this video was shot.

My Rig

My amps are vintage style, single channel, very midrangey amps, really suited to great Lead sounds. I use the Wampler pedals as a way of adding extra channels to my amp. I use a Wampler Triple Wreck to get that scooped modern metal sound for rhythm tones, and depending on the gig; the Wampler Euphoria for crunch and Black 65 also for clean tones.  In this video, I run through my rig including my Wampler Pedals.