March 2015 News

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1: British Guitar Show with Jaden Rose Guitars  2, Playing guitar at the Bumblefoot Masterclass  (Guns n Roses guitarist) in Edinburgh

March has been a busy month. I’ve been busy practising my set for the GB3 European Tour in May.  I had the huge honour of representing Jaden Rose Guitars at the Great British Guitar Show in Birmingham.  Spending 2 days meeting new people and getting to playing songs from my upcoming album was an absolute blast!

Jaden Rose and Dave Brons

2, Playing guitar at the Bumblefoot(Guns n Roses guitarist) Masterclass concert in Edinburgh

The following weekend I travelled up to Edinburgh and played at the Ron Thal AKA Bumblefoot concert put on by Wishaw Guitar Lessons.

Ron was very inspiring as a musician and an amazingly humble and generous person.  It was a huge privilege to jam on a song (I’ve forgotten which song now!!) on the same bill as guitarists like Bumblefoot, Shaun Baxter, Lyle Watt and Mark Mcguigan.

We all went out for a curry afterwards. All in all it was a brilliant month…. and not long till the European Tour now!!! Woo hoo!!! Dave Brons and Bumblefoot

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