The whole album is pleasantly surprising in that it is not an hour of shredding! Nothing wrong with that but I think Dave has achieved the tough goal of combining impressive compositions & melodies mixed with great and inspiring guitar licks & tone! Great mix and production by Dave Bainbridge…Check it out

Chris WaltonUK

…Anybody who appreciates superb virtuosity in guitar playing, check out and purchase this album by Dave Brons. It is full of energetic, heartfelt musical landscapes that spark the listener’s imagination. There’s a story behind each song…

Scott BLas Vegas, USA

…I love Kai Rohan, I must have listened to it 20 times already. The first time I heard it I cried like a baby…

Peter BUK

Warning! Listening to Dave’s album can be career limiting! 
I was 10mins late for a meeting with my boss because I sat in my parked car finishing my first listen through. Amazing music Dave. Thank you.

Garry DUK

…You complete and utter b*****d Dave Brons. I read the liner notes for Kai Rohan while I was listening to it and you made me cry…

ParticleWattkins Amp Forums

…Alternatingly lush, lyrical, dramatic, majestic and just plain fun!  Thanks for creating this!…

Mark HUK

I’ve listened and I’m absolutely delighted. It’s a really strong collection of beautifully crafted work. Congratulations to you, your lovely family and to the fabulous musicians that aided you in the production of this fine CD. I’ve left a longer review for my friends on my home page, hoping to encourage a few to raid their sporrans and buy the CD

Bernie CScotland

…awesome, fresh and very very melodic. I’m getting goose bumps while listening Kai Rohan. Such a great composition. And whole album is great. This is the kind music I have waited for a long time…

Radim S.Czech Republic

Dave Brons has released an album! “Based on a True Story” is the hard work of Mr. Brons and several of his close friends and musical allies, including mad geniuses Dave BainbridgePaul Bielatowicz, and Tom Quayle! Dave composed all the tunes, and the format is instrumental rock, guitar-focused, and there are magical moments of orchestration, piano, synth, acoustic guitar, and other wonderful textures.

This album is not just boring smooth 2 chord vamps with an hour of Dorian mode mindless shredding. This is highly composed, soulful playing, but song-centered. Melody is king here, but there are moments of focused shred explosion that do not feel superfluous or forced.

Jason SpellUSA

I’m no good at reviews….but it is a story, and it’s beautiful…it reminds me of the first time I watched Pink Floyd’s The Wall and then went away and listened to the album on repeat; it is in turns soothing, hypnotic and exhilarating – often at the same time.

Do yourselves a favour and go and buy a copy. This is real music, real talent and not a record company in sight.

Andy Gelband, UK