The Guitar Hour Season 1 with Tom Quayle

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The Guitar Hour is a live online guitar show (A bit like Top Gear for Guitar players).  We play guitar, do jams, talk about music gear and discuss a different topic each week.

The show is hosted by fusion virtuoso Tom Quayle, Dan Smith , David Beebee and myself.

We’ve been blown away by the response from the guitar community to the show. Thank you guys!

You can sign up to watch the show at ( its completely free) and you will get an email notification each time we go live.

Season 1 Episode 1 “The Thrill is Gone”,

we discuss what to do when you have lost your passion for playing music.

I play my song “Miracle Maker” at the 50 minute mark.  If you enjoyed the song and want to hear the original head over to

S1 Ep2: 4 Habits of Successful Musicians

Welcome to episode two guys! In this episode we discuss the good habits of successful musicians, Dan challenges us again over a minor blues, Dave plays his amazing tune Kai Rohan and we jam over an Andy Timmons style track. Hope you enjoy it!


S1 Ep3 4 tips to kickstart your career.

A few handy tips and the usual mix of playing and sillyness.

S1 Ep4 Is your mobile phone killing your creativity?

Some disagreement in the guitar hour camp about this one!

S1 Ep5 4 Tips for networking

Don’t know where to start with networking?…this should help:

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